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And Yes, Client Is Indeed Still King!


The client is now at the pivot of our economic universe. Your client, my client, our clients, are living in the knowledge age, where terabytes of data have been analysed and modeled into usable intelligence that more than half of the world’s population has access to, through their cellphone. As it happens, the client as we know it, has become a scarcity. Social media pushes tailored and relevant content to them every second of the day, and guess what? They are not looking for you! They are merely waiting, rather impatiently I might add, to receive. In fact they are EXPECTING to receive the perfect basket of goods, services or news feed. Anything less than what they assume they are entitled to is simply not good enough, and all it takes is one un-follow here, or one de-link there, and your client along with their network is no more in your world.

What does this mean for you? You want to do your job well and get paid right? You want a good bonus and a cosy holiday every year right? Well your client is demanding personalised, consistent, dead-obvious quality and service delivery. How are you meant to deliver this in a world strapped with red tape and legislation? Where companies are in it for profit, and our clients are having none of it? This shift in demand and lack of market adaptability is what has given rise to the market disrupters en-masse. I’m referring to Uber, Alibaba, Netflix, Google and other businesses who structure their ENTIRE company around their client’s needs (and yes, we refer to needs instead of wants because the desire to fit in, be successful and be a part of a brand has become a need, not just a want as it were pre-Y2K. Sorry Maslow!) They are fully aware that their client is ever changing and ensure that they are setup in order to cater for shifts in demand or changes in the market. I could go on and on, but just have a look at the FTSE 100 or global top grossing companies. What type of organisations feature on a daily basis? Have a look at the Fortune 500 companies and in particular how long conglomerate organisations stay in their positions. Almost as long as Aqua’s Barbie Girl stayed on the charts back in it’s day.

Never mind your financial reward or career growth, you will need to fully understand your clients world and do everything in your power to integrate your organisation’s offering into their lives. You cannot be disconnected, you just cannot afford to remain distant. You need to be client centric. Once you accept this, you can embark on a painful but absolutely critical journey of learning how to manage upwards, as it is highly likely that your organisation has not made the shift in mind-set and you will need to “coach” your seniors to get on this gravy train that is not stopping for any kind of mash potato. Of course this is a generalisation, but the emergence of many disrupting companies are the proof to my assumption.

In the end, if your organisation does not shift, neither will you. I guess that the holiday at the end of year is slightly more challenging to attain than expected, but do not despair! One thing for certain is that client loyalty is still “on the cards” for the next few years. Until we find a way to provide free water and electricity to the entire global population. We will then write a slightly different article.

Embracing Change in 2015, Sounds Easy Right?

Entering into a new year is very exciting for most of us, we are ready to forget our old habits and change our lives with a long list of boldly thought out new year’s resolutions. All good and well until we actually have to commit. I’m talking about the first Monday of the new year, did you go to the gym as planned? Did you stick to your budget in January? Change is hard and going into a new year with ambition actually requires effort. Careful planning and commitment to the cause are hygiene factors one often neglects.

I recently visited an art exhibition titled “The Art of the Brick” designed by Nathan Sawaya. It is one of the top 10 art exibitions in the world as rated by CNN. Among the many unbelievable artworks composed entirely of Lego blocks were quotations displayed on placards meant to inspire the public viewers. Something expected I suppose but a man once a professional attorney giving up his profession which he loved, to play with Lego for a living requires a fair amount of inspiration. “Dreams are built…one brick at a time” echoed through my head after witnessing a truly fascinating exposé on what I can only describe as a life altering experience.

An ordinary man decided to make a change, in fact embrace change and challenge conventional thinking to achieve something that no one else has achieved. Granted he is artistic, but not more talented than other sculptors. What sets him apart is his ability to manage his anxiety and embrace a massive change in his life. He is also able to recognise what his purpose in life is and what it will take to adapt to this change in order to be successful. Changes he made affected his life, his family and friends and his daily routine, which was all managed actively, not perfectly, but consistently focused upon.

Going into your new year, make a conscious decision to commit to the change you want to make within yourself. Dream big, construct a plan, stick to it 24/7 and brick by brick build the next master art work of your life.

According to Nathan, if you can think of it, you can build it. Now what is going to hold you back? That’s what I thought. Embrace change in 2015 and take charge of your career.

Claire Vogelpath-De Iongh, Managing Director, Vogelpath-De Iongh Recruitment Consultancy.